Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu

Welcome to Iqra Muslim School official website


We are under develop some of our feature, currently we are introducing 4 main features to all Teachers.

  1. School's email @iqra.ac.th
  2. Classroom management, noticeboard and Academic Calendar. 
  3. Mainteneince ticket system. (Currently only available regarding IT department)
  4. File Storage service.



Please follow these steps to set up your Android device to receive automatic notification from @iqra.ac.th


How to manage your classroom, put up notice for students and mange calendar will be introduce shortly.


Click here to learn more how to send support request.


*** We're  implementing a new file storage service that will - InshaAllah - replace E on Hamka. We're kindly ask all teachers to follow these steps and guidelines on how to store data to a new location, what should be be stored and shouldn't. ***



Please contact admin at ali_wasal@iqra.ac.th

Jazakallah Khair